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Change comment link to say notes

  1. Change the comments link on blog posts to say notes or something similar (like tumblr) so that both comments and likes are noted on posts when people are viewing blogs.

  2. For the record I don't cotton to your proposed feature at all. IMO which is not humble one no "like" button click can even come near having the value a comment does. I work hard to get comments. I want more readers and subscribers and I value commeters above all others. Actual comments with content that relate to the blog post, expand the knowledge base, and add explore various related points of view are gold.

  3. You cannot edit the text in the comment link.

  4. @ timethief that is a very good point. I agree that comments have the value to add to disussion.

    So maybe instead if you want the option it could be a setting you turn on when you turn on the like button that says:

    Show like count on all of posts.

  5. Have you read this section of the support documentation?

  6. Thanks for sending that over... still wishing there was a way that the like count could show at the top of posts similar to how comment count does.

    Would be awesome to have that option in the share settings. For now it looks like it is just above comments when viewers go to actual post and read through it.

  7. I strongly prefer that people actually read the whole post and comment so I have no ojection to the location of the "like" button. In fact it galls me that subscribers can click like on a post in a blog they subscriber to in their reader.

    Let's pretend I am subscribed to your blog. You publish a post and it appears in my reader. There are two ways I can "like" your post:
    1. I can click the "like" button in my reading list above your post;
    2. Or I can click into the blog, read the post and click the "like" button.

    re: 1 I have inserted "the more tag" into my posts to prevent this, and I have also set my RSS Feed for posts here > Settings > reading to "summary".

  8. I agree with a lot of your thoughts and like where the "like" button is.

    I just was interested in having the like count visible next to the comment count so more people are encouraged to view an entire post.

    For example:

    Post Title | 10 Comments | 6 Likes

    If it is a setting you can disable it from showing.

  9. Frankly if I visit a blog that has hardly any comments and a whole bank of gravatars depicting like button clickers that has the exact opposite effect on me. I will not click the like button and I will not comment. I will click out never to return to that blog again.

    The reason for that id that I have observed that the blogs that have large blocks of garacatsrs created by like button clicker tend to have what I characterize as low quality content or even no quality content. So I sure as heck don't want my blogs to be associated with those blogs at all.

  10. oops! "garacatsrs ' was meant to be "gravatars"

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