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Change comment order

  1. I know this has come up before but I think it is worth banging away at. I would dearly love the ability to reverse the order comments appear on blogs so that the latest could be at the top. It just adds to the functionality for people who, like myself, prefer that order to the more time-honoured convention.

    I will add that I get rather annoyed by those who dismiss this suggestion by recounting how they and hosts of others are annoyed by blogs etc that do reverse the order. That is missing the point. I take a different and, in my opinion, just as valid view.

    In addition, I often use blogs in somewhat unconventional ways to organise my own data and, for those purposes especially, I and those that also use my data want to see the newest comment "info" asap at the top. And who knows what other bright ideas for blog usage might emerge if this functionality is offered?

    The point about this technology we are using is surely that it is there to enable people to indulge their alternative view of the world and escape the straitjacket of received wisdom.

    On another note, it would be nice if nested pages/categories/links etc had a +/- option in the contents column so they do not all have to clog up the column when you have a lot.

    Thank you :-)

  2. Can we get a link to your blog? Depending on the blog, this may already be an option for you.

  3. I'm not keen to open it up as it is a private blog - for a good reason. However, I suspect that since my query is the same as those below I don't have the option - it exists on the desktop .org version but not the .com online.

  4. It IS an option for you at It's just a complete pain in the ass to do it.

    You must change the timestamp of every comment, by clicking on the Edit link beside the comment on your blog page. Then you can reorder them any way you want.

  5. Yes, thanks, I was aware of that and, for the blunt reason you state, it's not really a serious option. But surely it's not beyond the wit of the gifted people who created and continue to improve WordPress to come up with an option that can be chosen as part of "Settings" or in the "Manage" part of the blog? It's just an idea.

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