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    Hi, can tell me someone if there’s a way or a widget to change text in credits on footer? I know how to do it if I can cahange the html but here I don’t have any axcess to html, only css… Why they don’t enable html customization like on tumblr or blogger? Isn’t weird?

    The blog I need help with is



    You can’t remove or modify the footer text.
    Removing or covering these credits will cause your account to be suspended.
    You can modify the CSS, by using the #footer property, but not the HTML.
    Good luck!


    I don’t want to delete it, only to change it and adding sone text. It wery a silly things to do not full personalize pages as you can do with other systems like tumblr or blogger.



    You can add text before or after the footer – however the how to is above my pay-grade – the staff do watch this forum so one of them should help you today.


    You can do something like this:

    .creds p:before {
    	content: "Copyright 2012. \2022 ";

    Change out the text to whatever you’d like.

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