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Change date/time destroyed my document

  1. I just changed the date/time of a document and now that document has disappeared from the site. How do I get it back?

  2. i think we need more details...

    Where is your blog?

    What do you mean by "disappeared from the site"? From your blog? From Manage Posts in your Dashboard? Also, what did you change the date & time to? Future? Past?

    What browser & OS are you using? Have you cleared your cache and reloaded the page?

  3. Blog is at

    It is no longer accessable from the Dashboard. I changed to a future date to make it a more current entry. I have reloaded the page, and am using Vista.

    Thanks for your help....

  4. I think I have my answer. Because I changed it to a future date it will not post until that date but remains in drafts.

  5. Draft posts can be found here -> Manage -> Posts -> Status (dropdown - Drafts)-> Filter

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