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Change default blog linked to username?

  1. I have more than one blog associated with my account and the one that my username links directly to (when clicking on it from my having commented on someone's post) is not the one I want.

    How would I go about changing the default one?


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  3. Dashboard left column--> Users---> personal settings

    scroll down to "Primary Blog". the blog you chose will show up first on "my blogs" and drop down menus.

    Now: scroll down further to Account details ---> Web site".

    type in the full domain of the blog you wish your account to linked to when you comment.

    Save changes.

  4. Perfect - thank you so much, dlager!

  5. Thanks @Dlager. I agree it would be nice to choose which blog one is commenting from. Perhaps one solution is to create a separate account for each blog?

  6. blueplanetalmanac

    So... I did as dlager suggested, and the default stats page at log-in is still from the "old" blog. Is there another setting?

  7. @blueplanetalmanac: Try logging in through the link of the actual blog you are using at (replacing the blank with your blog).

  8. blueplanetalmanac

    That's it, airodyssey, thanks!

  9. You're welcome :-)

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