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    How can I change the default font in the body and the posts for this theme? I have the CSS upgrade but the changes don’t take effect. Yet the author of the theme has an arial/verdana type on her page (this is the look I want) at My blog is Also, when I imported some text from Word using the Verdana font it came over as such – sort of. Thanks!


    body {
    	font-family: Verdana;

    Also – don’t import text from Word. It’s the single quickest way of breaking your blog.


    Also remember with fonts, that the viewers of your blog will have to have the same font(s) physically installed on their computer or their browser will end up substituting fonts that are on their computer.



    Yes, good point. Normally it’s best to specify several fonts or font families in increasing order of generality ending with serif or sans serif.


    Thanks – I appreciate your input!

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