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Change default text in search box?

  1. Is it possible to change default text in the search box from

    search news
    search blog

    The blog I need help with is

  2. whoops now I know what quote means!

  3. yes I do..

  4. but I can't find the word or image search so that I can edit it.

  5. Ths custom design upgrade comes with Staff support. I'm flagging this thread so it will be moved to the CSS Forum where you can get help.

  6. Thanks

  7. I'm sorry to say that the search box text is not something that can be changed on with CSS only because that text is populated using Javascript and we don't give you the option to change Javascript for security reasons.

  8. O.k. Thanks. Are there any work arounds like hideing this search box and creating a new one capable of searching WordPress?

    Or making the text in question the same colour as the background so it disappears (without also changing the colour of the input text), then putting the new text I want next to the search box?

  9. There's not a way to add a new search box without the "Search" text in the box.

    Making the input text the same color as the background would also make it so any text typed into the box would be impossible to read.

    Sorry! There just isn't a way to do what you're asking on

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