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Change dimensions of the header area

  1. denisemrezsonya

    How can I make the header area of my website a bit taller? It's cutting off my header picture. Even when using the correct dimensions in my picture, it's still being cut off.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. You can use the following CSS code

    .header-image {
    	max-height: 500px;
    	height: 500px;

    Replace both max-height and height values to the desired height (in pixels).

    The CSS code will only work if you have a Premium or Business plan

  3. denisemrezsonya

    I have since changed my theme and I need help. I want About as the static home page, but when I do that, I lose my blog. I want the pages in alphabetical order - About, Blog, Books, etc. I also keep changing the style of the menu from the circle to a "regular" menu style but it keeps switching back. Please help me implement these changes. Thank you.

  4. @denisemrezsonya, with Edin, if you set your front page as a static page, it will not show any posts. You would need to create and set a "posts page" at Settings > Reading, in addition to the Front page. For more information on the front page in Edin, I would suggest reading through the Edin Showcase page, which has information on setting up and using Edin.

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