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Change display to "Post a Comment" instead of "Comments (0)".

  1. On the main page under the story link I show:

    Comments (0)

    I want to change this to display "Post a Comment" instead of "Comments (0)".

    I know it must be a fairly simple php edit but I can't find where there is coded. Can anyone help me on this? I am using the WP Drudge style so I am assuming it would be a file in that directory. Or, is it in a WP directory?


  2. If you have a wp.COM site hosted for free here, then please understand that we have no access to the underlying code of the themes. No php editing!!

    If you have a wp.ORG site for which you have purchased a domain name and pay to host your site somewhere, then you are in the wrong forum. Our answers won't apply. Head over to forums for help.

    There are different flavors of WordPress:

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