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Change domain name

  1. Hi,

    Right now we are hosted at under "" but we'd like to change our domain to "" (which we own). How do we do this Also, we'd rather avoid hosting at another site. Thank you in advance.


    The blog I need help with is

  2. If the extension is a .ca extension then you will need Staff to add a zone record
    Then so you can map tom an existing domain using this guide

  3. I added a zone record for -

    You can now map that domain name to your blog using the instructions above - you can have more than one domain name mapped to a single blog here - but you will need to decide which domain name you want to set as "Primary" (the domain name displayed when someone visits your site) -

    Keep in mind that people probably have - - bookmarked as well as search engines having indexed that name - so you want to keep that name active for a while so your visitors don't get lost

  4. Wow thank you both for your prompt reply! Thank you as well for adding the zone record 'auxclass'. Just so we have this right, are we going through the WordPress "store" and then its as simple as "adding a domain" ? Our apologies for the question again, we're just a little worried of making the move (both not extremely tech-savy lol)

  5. You need to go through the store and map the new domain name - don't try and add or buy a new domain name - just map your to your blog - please review the Map an Existing Domain instructions above -

  6. Thank you, we'll review the link you provided. You've been very helpful!

  7. Sorry again but we are just a bit confused.

    So we've gone thru the process of adding a domain by paying the $13. We haven't changed our primary domain, as it says that "the other URLs will redirect to that domain. However, when we go to, nothing is there. What else do we need to do? And is there something we need to do on the site we got our domain from? We bought at ''.

  8. Part of domain mapping is changing the name servers to point to WordPress.COM - that does not seem to have been done yet - you need to do that at - once that is done it takes a while for changes to reach the far corners of the internet - changes usually start within a few hours but can take 24 to 72 hours to complete and you may have erratic mapping during that period

  9. Ok we think we've got it! Hopefully we don't have to come back lol. Thank you so so much!

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