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    I registered a second wp blog in a fit of pique and gave it an unfortunate name. Is changing the name possible? If not is the only work-around registering a third one, importing the contents of the second one into it, and then abandoning it?



    Pretty much.

    What’s the name? Maybe we should start an odoption thread or something like that.



    [With a face flushed scarlet with shame she said timidly] Well, it’s called
    [then she hurriedly added] But this is what it’s really for:
    Welcome to The Inner Sanctum of Irreverent Feedback.
    The inner sanctum of irreverent feedback (blogging highs, lows and in betweens) is a special moderated community blog. It’s a place that creates space where a subscribing blogger can be as emotional, exuberant and/or as outraged or as outrageous as is required to “get it all out” and then “press on” with blogging.
    We’re all in this blogging community together albiet for many different reasons so if you would like to share your blogging your accomplishments, defeats, good humour, joy, pain, praise, rage and suffering this is the place to do that.
    I truly think it’s a good idea drmike and I am currently looking for a young a male geek co-moderator… sigh. I even have a javacript war story to tell. It starts with a rant and ends with a rave [she said sucking up bigtime].

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