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    I have tried to change my e-mail address in the Options section. I think it worked…I did get the confirmation e-mail and I clicked the link and it all seemed happy. However, today I noticed the Options form still lists my old e-mail address…but when I try to change it again nothing happens, I no longer get that confirmation e-mail. It’s not a huge problem but I was wondering if there was something wrong.



    It’s a very inconvenient bug – send me a feedback with the old and the new address and I will change that.


    podz, I am having the same problem…I see that you say to send you feedback…i am new to wordpress and have no idea what you mean! I don’t see a way to contact you???



    Feedback tab in your blog admin (look on the right)
    Support link at the bottom of some pages.

    They both land with me :)

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