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Change email adress in general options

  1. I want to change my email adress in my general options. but it wont work. A recieve a email whit a link. This link brings me back to general option's and say option's saved, but nothing happend.
    sometimes I don't get a mail whit a link, but then a change the mail (gmail to googlemail) but still the link doesn't work.

  2. Send a feedback/support with both email addresses and I'll fix that for you.

  3. thanks a lot

  4. I have a problem with my email address too, I don't know which email address I gave to my wordpress account, where should go to view my registered email address?

  5. @virgflloyd
    Tomorrow use this link to contact staff and be sure to include the possible email addresses you could have used to register so they can confirm which one you did use.

  6. @virgofloyd:
    Users->Your Profile

    i think you misunderstood the question ;)

  7. @judy
    You're right. Either I was away too long or I didn't stay away long enough ... LOL :D

  8. ;)

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