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    We need to change the email address of note for 1 of our blogs (for domain renewals, etc.). Can’t find any way to make this change nor any way to contact directly to get their assistance. Very frustrating.

    The blog I need help with is


    Hello there –

    Have you tried this:


    Hopefully that will be of assistance!



    Thanks for your response!
    OK. I see how I did not explain myself well. What I actually want to do is change the renewals, etc. to a different login. i.e., the new administrator already has a login with her email affiliated with it. When I send her the emails with the renewal links, they don’t allow her to change the credit card billing. I’m assuming this is because I did the previous credit card entry, so it wants me to change it somehow.
    Hope that helps to clarify my issue.

    I see posts by people who appear to have been in direct contact with support, but I can find no way to do that. Seems like it would save so much (of my) time.

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