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    I’m using Pressrow. In my navigation menu, the font color looks black, but when you click on the links they turn green. I would like them to be green before you click on them as well. The hover is perfect and the visited is perfect. (I’m talking about the font color only, not the color of the whole nav bar).

    When I try to look at it in I don’t see the background (just looks white) and the blog title font looks black (rather than green – how it should be).

    Thanks everybody.

    The blog I need help with is



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    Thank you so much! I don’t know how I put it in the wrong forum. Thanks again.



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    You should be able to change the font color with this: (it did on mine anyway)

    #nav {

    I’m not sure how the hover option works though, but if you’re simply looking to change the font color of your menu bar, this should do it. Just put your preferred HEX value color where the X’s are.

    Good Luck,


    Thanks for the suggestion. It’s actually not working for me for some reason. The font should look green, but I think it’s still showing black.


    @positivelyorphaned: It’s not working because each theme names things in a different way; you can’t just transplant commands from the CSS of one theme to the CSS of another theme.

    I think you should add this:

    #nav li a { color: #HEX_HERE }



    @pana, My apologies. It was pointed out to me yesterday about each themes CSS rules being different. That’s what I get for trying to help! :)

    Just kidding!

    I hope you were able to get it to work.



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    “That’s what I get for trying to help!”

    Ah, no worries, it is difficult to answer questions. I have made some real bloopers. Well. Still do. We all do. But when someone more knowledgeable makes a correction I learn. Even though I feel stupid, it’s useful…



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    Welcome aboard April. I have been making mistakes when answering questions for years now. I bookmark the correct answer and place it in my test blog and move forward again. :)



    Hello again! I have definitely learned SOOOO much by being on here. I think I’ll be learning for some to come. Thanks guys!


    @imaprile: No apologies needed – especially not to me!

    When I first visited this forum about a year ago, naturally it was because of a problem. But I found I liked it here, because I found it was both an extremely helpful as well as a generally friendly place, so I kept coming back after the problem was solved – mostly reading and learning. At some point I felt I could give answers myself. Some were good, some were bad; I was happy to help in the first case, happy to learn when corrected in the second case. Now I’m considered an experienced volunteer, I guess, but you may still see for instance timethief (who is more experienced than me) correcting me sometimes, or you may see me correcting timethief sometimes, and we never have a problem with that: none of us is a sage (well, maybe except thesacredpath, who knows almost everything!), the spirit here is giving the best advice possible, we all contribute towards that, and this includes correcting one another or improving on one another’s replies.


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    I’m using Pressrow. In my navigation menu, the font color looks black, but when you click on the links they turn green.

    That is because when they are green it means it’s the “active” tab; in other words, you’re reading that page. It’s a navigational aid to help the reader identify what page she/he is reading at the moment.

    If you want all of them links to be green, then locate the following selector:

    #nav .current_page_item a {

    And replace this part:


    with this:


    so that it looks like this:

    #nav li a {

    That should do it.


    Awesome! Thanks everybody. I finally got it looking exactly as I had wanted. I really appreciate the help.

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