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    Really simple question but having a bit of a problem solving it, and searching the forums I struggled to find the answer (although certainly it will have been answered before. I have been using the CSS preview to customize my blog ( so that I can familiarize myself with CSS before purchasing the upgrade. Today I purchased the upgrade as my site was nearly ready to go. By doing so it discarded all the changes I made in preview mode leaving the original Structure Theme CSS in place (actually helpful in some ways: I’d copied and pasted the full CSS into the editor, making the thing do more work, so that’s no longer an issue) I have been able to recode most of it as I like due to helpful forum users having helped me make those alterations in the first instance.

    My main issue right now is changing the color of fonts. I had the text formatted so that it would appear on each page as black (#000000). Now it has reverted back to the default gray (#999999) and I cannot remember how to alter it. Which part of the code would I have to change to have all the text in posts and pages as black?

    In another related issue, I am not happy with the way links appear within text (currently black text and italic). Which part of code corrects this issue?


    The blog I need help with is


    I’ll assume since you have marked this as resolved that you have figured it out. If not, post back here and we will help.



    @thesacredpath Yes, I resolved it. I knew the solution was under my very nose, and felt very stupid when I found it, i.e. in practically the first line of the CSS stylesheet. D’oh! Thanks for responding anyway.


    You are welcome and no worries. We all have those “under my very nose” moments.

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