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    my blog:
    Theme: Imbalance 2

    I would like to change the font colors for heading and site title. How do I do this?

    Could you also clarify what the difference between heading & site title is?

    Right the post title & the heading title appear as the same the font.

    How can I change the post title to be a different font & color as the heading title?

    The blog I need help with is



    Hi there,
    I see you are posting multiple CSS threads regarding the same blog. Are you aware that there is only one Staff member who helps with CSS editing?
    P.S. This is also a CSS editing question so I’m flagging it to have it moved to the CSS Forum for you.


    Sorry about that. Next time I will refrain to one post with all my questions.

    I’m just so frustrated !!! This should be simple but it’s become more complicated the more I spend time working on it.




    No problem at all. I just sensed that you were frustrated. I know that Staff will eventually help you when that’s possible but it may not be soon. Best wishes with your editing.

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