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Change font colour of menu item names on nav bar and on pages

  1. My Site Title is ‘Katie Young’s 020 77239 9271’ and the font is brown (I don’t know how it happened!) and the tagline, menu names in nav bar and o page are NOT. I want them all brown. How do I do this?

    I have purchased Custom design. I am using Twenty Twelve.

    The ‘blog’ (I am building a website and using as a CMS)

    The blog I need help with is

  2. This would be where you set the menu color for the "current" menu item (the page you are on).

    .main-navigation .current-menu-item > a, .main-navigation .current-menu-ancestor > a, .main-navigation .current_page_item > a, .main-navigation .current_page_ancestor > a {
    color: #636363;

    The would be for all other menu item label colors.

    .main-navigation li a {
    color: #6A6A6A;

    Edit the color codes as desired.

  3. Thank you again! This worked perfectly.

    Now I need to change the font color of the menu name as it appears on the page itself. I have done this for the home pade with this code

    .page-id-42 {

    Is there a way I can change the font color for all page titles at once without having to specify each page-id seperately ?

  4. This would do it to all the static page titles.

    .entry-header .entry-title {
        color: #826942;

    This will not change post titles if you are also doing posts.

  5. Worked perfectly - you are a star!! Thank you.

  6. Thanks, and you are welcome.

  7. Worked perfectly - you are a star!! Thank you.

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