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    How can I change the font of widget title. pls help.

    The blog I need help with is


    It is here. Just add this to the bottom of your custom CSS and edit the hex color code. Make sure and keep the ” !important ” attribute.

    #header h1 a, #header h2 {
    color: #265E15 !important;


    tried inserting #4169E1 instead of #265E15 and checked preview…but No change took place :-(


    It works for me with Firebug. On the preview page, try force reloading it. Some browsers will pull a cached page instead of showing the changes.


    And if you want only the site title to change and not the tagline, do the following instead.

    #header h1 a {
    color: #4169E1 !important;

    I was talking about the wideget title…the ones on the right hand side


    Duh-Oh! Yes you were and I apologize.

    li.sidebox h2 {
    color: #4169E1;

    Pls dont apologise..U have trying to help only rt?..Thanks will give it a shot and get back to u :-)


    its not displaying on the I am not sure if it works or not :-( tried a couple of time but still facing the same issues..


    worked finally..Thanks a ton :-) I removed the whole CSS and re-entered all the specs..It worked now…


    Glad that it worked and you are welcome. If you had other stuff in the CSS, something could have been overriding it.


    Hi again..How do i widen the widget ??


    To do that, you would either have to widen the container or narrow the content column and then widen the sidebar by the same amount. Since you are already at 1080px on the container, my suggestion would be to narrow the content.

    The following decreases your content by 50px and increases the sidebar by the same amount. You can edit the widths, just remember to the amount you take away from the content is the same you add to the sidebar.

    #content-main {
    width: 760px;
    #sidebar {
    width: 250px;

    Thanks sacred path…Its worked..But the topmost(home about etc…seems to have got to get that right??? Thanks again..


    That is a weird one, but this should do it. Modify the existing selectors (if they exist) in your CSS, or add where required. You could also just paste this at the very end of your custom CSS.

    #navigation ul {
        right: 20px;
    #navigation {
        width: 1080px;
    #navigation #menu {
        width: 1060px;
    #navigation ul {
        margin-left: 20px;

    Thanks sacredpath…from the abovementioned specs, i deleted the command of navigation menu-1060 and changed the and navigation margin left to 0px and it changed perfectly. Appreciate all the help… Btw, its coming as public post only right? I had created a link on facebook..but the facebook stat shows its a protected i have to do any adjustment in my site??


    No, facebook is notoriously slow in catching on to things (it’s not too bright really). Most likely the next time you publish a post, everything will turn out fine.

    BTW, I’m still seeing the menu centered.


    i redid the looks fine here now.. is it alright now?


    Yup, look fine now.


    Thanks a lot :-) Really appreciate all ur support…

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