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    For screens smaller than 960px in width there is a hamburger menu with ‘Menu’ above it, and larger than 1190px (I believe?) there is text ‘Follow” before some social icons in the sidebar.

    Can someone help me in changing the font-family to futura for both of these instances? Just that. Right now it is “Playfair Display”, serif.

    Thank you!

    The blog I need help with is



    Hi there,

    You’ll need this CSS:, {
    	font-family: futura;

    However, I don’t recommend changing fonts in this way. At the very least, you should follow the standard practice of using a font-stack rather than specifying a single font like this. With a font-stack you can specify fallback fonts in case the one you want to use is not available to someone viewing your site – Futura has not been imported into your theme’s style.css file, so that font will only work for someone if it’s already installed on their computer.

    You can learn more about font stacks here:

    You can find an example font stack for Futura here:

    That example uses the stack, `font-family: Futura,Trebuchet MS,Arial,sans-serif;



    This is perfect! I updated the font family to include the stack. Thank you so much.



    у меня на сайте отображается
    перед надписью “Защищено”
    как с этим бороться?


    Hey @katya0858,

    I would love to assist you, but in order to keep threads on topic, I wanted to see if you could create a new post?:


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