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Change Font Size?

  1. I hope I am not being totally lame and just missing this...but is there a way to selectively change the font size of certain words you select to do so with?

  2. Is this meant to be in general for your blog or just for yourself?

    Looking at the editor, I don't see any fonts tags so I'm going to say probably not.

    Within your browser, you can change the font sizes yourself. I use Netscape (*grumble* evil North Carolina government...) and we have a setting called Text Zoom within the menus.

    Hope this helps,

  3. Font size can be changed using the font tag with html editor in the post tools. I have edited my posts to size 4pixel, face Times new roman and color Navy using following tag inserted after each tag in my post. <font color="navy" face="Times New Roman" size="3">

  4. How can you make it bold, italic, or underlined?

  5. That's just basic html

    bold - b tags
    italic - em tags
    underlines - u tags

    Hope this helps,

  6. chicablog: searching in the faq can do wonders for your blogging knowledge.

  7. I mean, on here. The forums.

  8. You'll have to write the html when you post

    (oh how I wish we used bbcode here... I automatically think in that because that's what all the other forums I post on use)

    Are two sites I use for reference.

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