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    I am sorry in advance if i don’t use the right terminology to describe what I need. I’ll try to be as specific as possible.

    I want to change the font size and family of the links to all of the static pages and to the blog. When I say the links, I mean the top bar in the header for the words “Blog, Bio, Shows, Solo Music, Film Music, Photos, Video, Teaching, Contact, Friends.” I want to make them larger and change the font and also it might be nice to know how to edit the spacing between each word as well.

    I don’t know CSS that well and have been trying for a while to “learn it” by editing existing style sheets through wordpress but it seems like the css editor (vs self hosting, which I also have for another site) is limited and that some features are “behind the scenes” and not editable. Is this feature I am trying to edit something that is editable? This is the K2-Lite theme.

    Thank you.


    The blog I need help with is


    First off, you don’t actually edit the existing stylesheet here at wordpress.COM typically, what you are normally doing, when “add to existing…” is selected, is you are creating sort of a child CSS sheet which is then being loaded after the original, and the new definitions in the child override the original.

    The font size for the nav is here: ” ul#nav li a ” and is in em units. I would not go larger than 1.1em since it forces your menu to go to a second line which is messy in the theme you are using.

    The font-family is declared in li a although you could also add it to the selector where the font size is declared and it would work there as well.


    Hey. I found how to change the font family like you said, but i actually can’t find the “ul#nav li a” part of the style sheet. I even did a “find” for it with the browser and it did not locate it. Where are you seeing that? I feel like an idiot.


    Hey never mind. I actually went into the original style sheet and found it. It was missing in the one in the editor. Weird.

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