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    I am trying to customise my blog and so far I have managed to change one aspect only (the slight extra border around the page, was not intentional, I was just playing with different codes).

    I am using the Publisher theme. I am wondering if anyone has any suggestions for these ideas:

    1. Can I change the font size at the top of a post? If I change this size (under customization) so that it is smaller, it means the titles on the home page are really small. I am wondering if there is away to separate these two sizes and make the font size at the top of a post smaller (happy with the current size on the home page titles).

    2. How can I make the lines closer together on a post and the font slightly smaller on posts? (My last theme had smaller fonts & closer lines, Publisher takes up a lot of space)



    The blog I need help with is



    Also, the title font above each post appears bigger in firefox than IE. The IE size is not too bad, but I am hoping to make the titles smaller in firefox.



    Hi Gen,

    1. Try this for single posts. 50px is the current size, so copy and paste this code into your css editor and reduce the pixel size until you are happy.

    .wf-active .single .block-entry-title {
    font-size: 50px;

    2. Same thing for the body copy.

    #content-wrap p, .block-titles p, .block-text p, .block-text {
    font-size: 17px;
    line-height: 27px;


    Thanks, that fixed the font size issues and line spacing with the posts. I spent hours searching online but should have posted here earlier!

    Is there a way to change the heading size in the pages as well? I think the font size and line spacing css of the main text has changed the pages already.


    Hi there, change the following selector in your custom CSS,

    .wf-active .single .block-entry-title

    into this

    .wf-active .single .block-entry-title, .wf-active .entry-header h1



    Hello, thanks for your help,

    I just tried this

    .wf-active .single .block-entry-title, .wf-active .entry-header h1
    font-size: 35px;

    But it doesnt seem to change the text size, an ‘i’ comes up on the first row and then two crosses on the next two rows.


    The code you have above is missing the opening curly bracket after “h1”.

    .wf-active .single .block-entry-title, .wf-active .entry-header h1 {
    font-size: 35px;

    Give the above a try and see if that doesn’t work for you.



    Thanks, the curly bracket fixed the problem. The font sizes look great now.

    Not sure if I should start another topic or ask here, but is it possible to change the left text margin on the posts? I want to change the overall width of the text (so there is about 1cm less white space each side of text), so far I have been able to change the right width only.


    It’s best to start a new topic for new questions. It’s okay to group a few (very alike) questions in one post, but it’s easier to support if only one (or a very few) are asked at a time and if separate topics are kept separate. :)

    is it possible to change the left text margin on the posts?

    I would do that by changing the width of the center content blocks and then centering them. Here is an example for the Publisher theme that you can add to your Appearance > Customize > CSS editor:

    .block-titles-wrap .block-titles,
    .block-titles-wrap .block-text {
    	display: block;
    	margin: 0 auto;
    	width: 70%;

    Adjust the 70% value until you find a width that you like.



    Makes sense, next time I’ll start a new topic.

    I tried many percentages but I could not get the left margin to decrease beyond 2.5cm (started at 2.5cm with no code). The right margin started to decrease if I kept the margin at 0 and the width greater than 100%


    Just to follow up on the width thing here though, did the code snippet I posted before work to do what you wanted?



    Not really, I can increase the width by making the right margin smaller (if I increase the percentage beyond 100), but it is not centered as I could not work out how to change the left margin (could not get it smaller than the current 2.5cm).



    Figured out how to change the left margin, I changed the padding from 14% to 6%.

    .single .block-text, .page .block-text {
    padding: 0px 6%;

    Thanks everyone for your help

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