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    How do you change the font size in the twitter timeline widget?

    After having tweaked the font & basically reduced it on most of my site, I’ve just noticed that the font looks too large on in the twitter timeline widget. I’ve tried finding the right css selector, but with no luck. I know twitter (earlier this year) took control of most of the design functions in their widget, & it’s probably changeable via html, but us don’t have that option. Is there a css way?

    I’m using the Watson premium theme, by the way.



    The blog I need help with is


    Changing the css seems to work in Firebug. Which selectors have you tried?

    .tweet .e-entry-title { font-size: 0.7em; }

    reduced the body font size for the Twitter widget in Firebug. Any luck trying that in your custom css?



    Thanks for speedy reply. I tried all these in one go through Firebug:

    .custom-timeline-owner-profile, .timeline .e-entry-title, .p-author .p-name, .cards-base h3, .new-tweets-bar button, .load-tweets, .no-more-pane {
    font-size: 14px;
    line-height: 16px;

    & changed the 14px there, which worked in Firebug, but not in CSS :( …including with save & refresh, as Watson theme allows for preview of changes before saving.



    Any further ideas much appreciated!


    Hmm, sorry—I don’t have access to the Watson theme, and I can’t test custom css for the Twitter Timeline, myself. My fixes worked in Firebug, but you’re not getting the same results with custom css.

    By the way, did you know you get premium support for the Watson theme in a special premium forum? You might not find that relevant to this particular request, but you could try there too.

    Does anybody else have ideas to weigh in with?



    Thanks for info on premium forum. I had no idea. Will try there, too. By the way, I’ve also tried emptying cookies & restarting browser, just in case Twitter timeline wasn’t responsive to CSS changes 1st time around — but still, no luck. Yup, it’s a bummer that changes can be seen in Firebug, but don’t take effect in CSS… Methinks Twitter’s new timeline widget purposefully doesn’t allow for such design changes. But I’ll keep on trying, as well as look for help.


    FYI, saw a similar issue in another thread and got this answer from staff:

    Because of the way the Twitter Timeline loads content from an external URL, there isn’t a way to affect elements of that external content using CSS from our side.



    Thanks lettergrade. Funnily enough, I’ve just been reading about 101 rants on the same topic on the Twitter developer forum: (& that’s only page 1 of 4!). The consensus: changing the font-size and even the text (non-link) color can’t be done, which a Twitter employee confirms somewhere down near the bottom of said page. Something was mentioned there about maybe it’ll be possible in the future… Oh well, here’s hoping. Meantime, I’ll have to lump it. Cheers for your help.


    Haha, the people have spoken. Hope Twitter listens!



    I’m with you on that one!

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