Change font size using theme font?

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    I want to change only the font size of the page headings (titles of pages). If I use the font customization, it only allows me to change the size if I also change the style, but the theme style is not on the list. It also is changing all the text on the page instead of only the page titles.
    Can anyone help? i think I must type in the css for this.

    The blog I need help with is


    There may be a setting in fonts, but I never experiment with them so I don’t know. You didn’t say if you wanted to go bigger or smaller, but try playing with this in your CSS and changing the number fifty up or down. I cannot experiment with it right now but *think* it is the correct element.

    .entry-title {font-size:50px;word-wrap:break-word;

    Reply back if it works or not…


    Hi and thank you. I am just learning css, and I am not sure where to enter this. I tried adding it to the style sheet, but I think I must signify a page or page code? An example of what I want to change is:
    The title of the page is Mission, and I want to make it smaller.
    Thanks houstenweaver! I know you don’t have time to look, but maybe if someone can give me direction on where to enter the code or any additional code to add, it will help!


    Go to Dashboard > Appearance > Custom Design

    On that scree go to the CSS section. If you have already purchased the CSS upgrade you will see an edit button. Click that and it will bring you to the box to type that in. When you finish making your change click save style sheet. Do that with a number like 30 in place of the 50 to see if it makes a change in your title to make sure I have the right element. Then just tweak the number until you like the look of it.

    If you do NOT yet have the CSS upgrade, you can still experiment with the style, you just can’t save it permanently, but you can “Preview for free”. By going through the same dashboard steps.


    Yes, i have css upgrade. I entered this:
    .entry-title {font-size:50px;word-wrap:break-word;

    into the stylesheet, but it does nothing. Then I tried .Mission {font-size:50px;word-wrap:break-word;

    And it does nothing.
    Do I need to somehow signify page. Like for the background image I entered: {
    background:url(‘’) no-repeat scroll transparent center top!important;

    So there is a page-id. Thanks again!


    Put in exactly as I wrote but for example change the 50 to 20 and see what it looks like when you preview.


    The entry-title must remain. It is the identifier like the page I’d was your identifier in your previous statement.

    So for your first test to see if the size changes put this exactly

    .entry-title {font-size:20px;word-wrap:break-word;

    Then once you see if the size changes, adjust the number up or down u til you get to the size you want.


    It worked perfectly!
    Thank you! Sorry it took so many tries for me to get it :)


    That’s ok, we are all in the same spot in learning something or another. I learned something from your page ID post!

    My CSS edit won’t work on my iPad, so I couldn’t test it out first.

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