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    I want to change the font style of the “logo” at the top (UnderbaraHem). How? :-)

    The blog I need help with is



    Forgot, I have the “”Paperpunch Theme”.



    You may not like the fonts in your theme but it’s important to know that regardless of which fonts you may wish to choose to jazz up your blog with your browser and your visitors’ browsers can only use the fonts installed in the same computer. Obviously not every visitor to your blog will have the same fonts installed in their computers, so you can immediately see that problems will arise unless you choose to use common fonts.

    If a reader does not have a specific font that your choose to use on your blog installed on his / her computer, that reader’s browser will determine which font is displayed. There are a very limited number of fonts (in English/Western languages) which are common for most operating systems/computers/browsers.

    Re: Changing fonts and size
    1. We users can change font sizes and colors on our posts and pages, a post and a page at a time.

    2. We can also use the number 4 icon in the Visual editor to to change colors >

    3. We can use TypeKit Fonts to change font families sizes throughout our blogs > Appearance > TypeKit fonts
    See >

    4. We cannot access the templates in our blogs and edit the underlying php and html. However, if we choose to pay for an annually renewable CSS upgrade and undertake CSS editing then we can change font families styles and colors throughout the entire blog. This paid upgrade is NOT recommended to those who do not have at least a moderate understanding of both HTML and CSS, as there is no Staff support for it, and precious little Volunteer suppor, which means you are expected to be able to work independently.



    Hello again,
    I just recalled this thread that may be helpful:
    Adding Typekit Fonts to Paperpunch



    h1#title a {font-family:times,courier,serif;}

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