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    I have the custom design upgrade. I chose to have a top menu. The font used in it are too small and boring. The problem is I can’t “get at” the menu to change it in any way. In Custom Design I can change the font and font size for the site titles, headings, and body texts but not the menu headings. They just stay the same. There’s no way to click on them or highlight them or get at them through Appearance and then Menu. Nothing. I’m probably not seeing something. Same way with CSS, there’s no way to bring up the code and such underlying the menu titles. Any ideas?

    The blog I need help with is



    This should do the trick for font size:

    .main-navigation a { font-size: 14px; }

    Just set the number to the size you like.

    I highly recommend using the Firefox browser with the Firebug extension for making changes to CSS. It can help you find the part of the code you need to change for your desired effect.


    Thanks, expat., but WHERE do I do this? I can’t find where to bring up the text so as to insert what you just suggested. I’ve tried everything, it’s as though the menu categories are blocked from editing. Is it the “Navigation Label” or “Title Attribute.” I tried putting what you put into your message in those areas and nothing happens. I know it’s me…..



    Ah, I didn’t understand quite what you were asking. If this is your first time working with the custom design upgrade, you want want to read through the WordPress documentation on Editing CSS. This will explain where to go to get started with your blog’s CSS, and at the bottom there are additional resources like tutorials and books that might be helpful as you get going.

    You can also post questions directly in the CSS Customization forum, which will help the right people see and answer your CSS-related questions more quickly.



    Also, the short answer for this particular issue (where to insert the code I mentioned above) is to go on your dashboard to Appearance > Custom Design. Then click the CSS tab on the top of the screen (next to “Custom Design” and “Fonts”). That will bring up the CSS Stylesheet editor, where you can enter the custom CSS you want to use.

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