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Change footer credit: Designed by Themes & Co

  1. Hi,

    I would like to remove/change the footer credit in Customizr theme that I applied to our website. I found this: url to alter/remove the credit and tried it in custom CSS but it doesn't work. Can anybody help me with this? Please give me an example how to do this and where to put codes in-between. Thanks and I'd appreciate your help on this. :)

  2. @rgl12

    I don't see a theme called Customizr, but we've been told in the past that we are not allowed to remove those credit lines for WordPress and the theme's designer. It's only fair to give them the credit they deserve. Using CSS it is possible to add your own credit to those already there; I've done it, but I needed someone to tell me the code to use.

  3. Oops, never mind. I see yours is a WordPress.ORG theme. This is the WordPress.COM forum. You'll have to go to the .org forum for help.

  4. Caution: The licensing for many themes will not allow the removal or alteration of the footer theme credit - even on a .ORG install - when I helped in the .ORG forum - some themes check for the footer credits and do strange or bad things if you remove the credits

  5. then why did they have a tips like this? . If they're not allowing changing or removing it? Please explain it to me. Thanks!

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