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Change from Neat theme (2 columns) to Digg 3 Column--will widgets transfer?

  1. If I change to a 3-column theme (Digg 3 is best for my needs) from the current 2-column Neat theme, will my widgets go over to the new theme easily? I think I need 3 columns. And I have spent a lot of time trying to get the widgets the way I like them, so don't want to lose all that work.



  2. Here's the link to your previous thread.

    Clicking on the word "Member" under your username will bring you right to a page of your previous posts.

  3. Sorry to clog the airways but some of us are pretty green here. Thanks for telling me, because now I might be able to carry this out..

  4. Not a problem. Finding your previous thread in the forum can be a bit confusing since most people probably expect to see their thread still on the front page when they come back. But when the forums are busy, threads will be pushed off the front page in a few hours.

    If you don't see the thread you started on the front page, the easiest way to find it again is to click on your username which appears at the top of the forum pages, "Welcome, yourusernamehere!" That's a link that brings you to a list of all the threads you've posted in. As I mentioned above, this link also appears under your username in the threads as "Member". You can also click on that link under other people's username to see what threads they've posted in.

    We all started out as new, and given the rate of redesign lately we're all new again at some point. :) HTH

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