Change header size, and pic in Pressrow

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    I’ve been spending hours searching these forums, and I can’t seem to find a matching topic. All i want is to change the hight of the header to 400 instead of 200 which means i want the measurements 770 x 400 .

    I know that you can change it under the code #pic, but when i do so the header size changes but the picture still needs to be cropped.

    I am also aware that i need to put in a code, the code i have lost, but i tried it when i had it, and it didn’t work out either, the field just showed up blank.

    To sum up it would be cool if anyone could help me on how to make the image appear, and maybe provide me the code to put it in!

    thx in advance!

    The blog I need help with is



    The only way to change any header is using the CSS upgrade to create the right container and then upload the perfect image to fit. Without that using an image with extra white around it will work but look ugly.



    Also, now would be a really bad time to expend effort on anything Pressrow-specific:

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