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Change heading of category archive page

  1. "Category Archives: category name" appears at the top of a category archive page such as In grey small caps.

    Is there CSS that will hide "Category Archives" and only show the category name?

    And that will format it to match the title of normal pages (eg the home page)?

    (To pre-empt people reminding me I can't do this on a free site, I've linked to my test site. I know the changes won't stick but I can at least try them out. I'm in the throes of developing a premium site which is where the changes will be. But am trying to keep that private while in development, so as not to confuse people who might come across it accidentally.)

    Thanks for help.

    Theme is Yoko.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. try using:

  3. Thanks for the suggestion. Unfortunately it doesn't seem to make any difference.

    I'm trying to hide the words "Category Archive" but keep the Category name.

    And to change the formatting to match normal page titles. (Which are larger font and a darkish red.)

  4. @auntyclare, this should solve both of your points:

    .page-title {
        visibility: hidden;
    .page-title span {
        color: #cc1013;
        font-size: 1.3em;
        margin-left: -25.7%;
        visibility: visible;
  5. Thank you @ehtis. That's fantastic. I've had so much help with various CSS tweaks and the site is looking so much cleaner.

  6. You're always welcome! I believe it's you @auntyclare, just with a different account! :)

  7. Oops, yes. I'm setting up a webiste for a choir but am mostly keeping it private so as not to confuse people who might discover it by accident. So I've been using auntyclare as a test site. But sometimes forget which I'm logged in as.

  8. Not a problem. Happy blogging! ;)

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