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    Hi…I would like to have the banner area be decreased in height so that the titles on the three widget areas under the banner are visible on the homepage without scrolling down. I am not sure if this is best possible, and if so is it best done by decreasing the banner height, or decreasing the header height?

    The blog I need help with is


    Hi there, to maintain proportions of the image, the width and height both have to reduce, or things have to cropped off the existing images. The following, you can try. It reduces the height from 390px to 250px and moves the image up 10% and hides the overflow (image part outside of the slide area).

    .flexslider {
        max-height: 250px;
        overflow: hidden;
    .featured img {
        margin-top: -10%;

    Thanks! I had to increase the max-height a little to keep the titles visible but it worked great.


    You are welcome.

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