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    Am new to Customising a blog and CSS, and am looking to change just 2 things in Quintus.
    Firstly the colour of the hover highlight. I’ve changed other colours with no problems, but the hover icon doesn’t seem an inbuilt option. Secondly I seem to be left with the original deep maroon as borders to images with captions, on all the other pages I’ve added. I can’t seem to change this without losing my personalised background image on the home page.
    Any advice of how I can simply change these would be great,
    Thanks Julian

    The blog I need help with is


    Hi @thegardenimpressionists,

    1. It is bit unclear which hovers you are trying to change. Which ones do you want to change?
    2. Do you have an example of post with a picture with a caption?

    Specifying those things saves people some time, and you’ll have a better change that someone helps. :-)


    Hello Design Dolphin,
    Thanks for the reply…. in the end I’ve switched again from Quintus to 2011, so the problem has been solved in that way,


    You’re welcome. Glad you found a solution. :-)

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