Change Image Caption font and color without CSS upgrade

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    Is it possible to change the font color and size on some image captions with inline CSS or without buying the CSS upgrade?

    This is the CSS that gives the desired effect:
    .wp-caption p.wp-caption-text {
    color: #000000;
    font-size: 14px;
    margin: 5px;

    This is one of the Posts:

    Can I make the changes in the Post editor? I tried pasting in the CSS code above and the code appeared in the Post.


    The blog I need help with is


    You cannot alter the caption code directly, because it’s a shortcode. But you can, if you replace it with the actual code of the captioned image. For example, where your post editor has this:
    [caption id="etc. etc. etc." />[/caption]
    the sourcecode of your page has this:
    <div class="wp-caption etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. <p class="wp-caption-text">A &quot;found fender&quot; we picked out of the water in Puget Sound</p></div>
    So you can publish the post with a regular captioned image, then select View Source from your browser’s view menu, copy the image code, paste it in place of the original caption shortcode, and change this part:
    <p class="wp-caption-text">
    to this:
    <p style="font-size:115%;color:#000;margin:5px;" class="wp-caption-text">



    I had to read your instructions a few times before they sunk in to change everything for the image, but I have the changes working on a test Post

    Thank you very much –

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