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    I didn’t post during some vacation weeks this summer, and when I came back, I found my dashboard much harder to navigate. I have tried to change settings and options but can’t find one that impacts the arrangement that is bothering me. In the past, in the Add New Post page, I wrote the post in the box and over on the right side was my listing for Save Draft, Publish, etc., and also my categories and tags. Now these are way Under what I write, and I have to scroll and scroll down, instead of just moving my cursor to the right and clicking on Save or Publish. I also used to be able to look at my post while thinking up tags – now with the tagging area so far under the entry, I can’t both read the post and write the tags but have to move up and down between them to get ideas.

    Yes, I see the Screen options selection, and I can click on 1 column or 2 columns. However, when I click on 2 columns, column 1 does get narrowed and leave space for column 2, but the text (and the buttons and everything) sill appear UNDER column 1 – and in fact they just go further down since the column becomes even narrower. I have tried changing screen and so forth but it does not affect it.

    Suggestions as to how I can get the buttons and text up beside my post again? This is just so ergonomically…wrong!

    Thanks so much for your help, and I apologize in advance if someone has posted about this. I did search the forums but so often I don’t know the searchable terms that I do not get useful results.

    The blog I need help with is


    Set it to 2 columns then click and drag each module to move it to the position you want.


    Ah! Thanks! Except it doesn’t quite work. I can drag it over there, and after a few tries, it will stick, but the visual tool bar from column 1 overlaps column 2, sort of like it is superimposed “over.” If I switch from the visual toolbar to the html toolbar, it looks fine, but the visual toolbar stretches over on top of column 2.

    Suggstions for that part?

    Also, duh on me – can’t believe that the dragging of modules did not occur to me. I’d never had to drag before so just did not think of it, and draggability did not pop as an option until I specifically looked for it.

    thx for your help.


    You’re welcome.
    Toolbar overlaps column 2? That shouldn’t be happening. What browser and version are you using?


    Well I just updated to latest version of Firefox, in order to try to get those modules to pop into the right column. The toolbar overlap persisted in both versions of FF, but only in Visual.

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