Change in “Edit This” Behaviour?

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    I have no idea if this is a change as a result of recent back-end work, but suddenly the “Edit This” link on a Page or Post behaves differently than it did before.

    If I’m on a Post/Page on my blog and click the “Edit this” button on either the Post/Page or in the Admin bar, it takes me, as before, to the Write Editor where I can make changes. However saving the edit now throws me back to the Post/Page rather than leaving me in the Write Editor with a notice at the top of the Editor, “Post Updated-stay on this page or go back”, the “go back” being a link back to the Post/Page I edited. And this behavior isn’t consistent across my blogs.

    It’s really inconvenient to keep bouncing back and forth between the Post/Page and the Editor. Am I supposed to be doing something differently?



    You are correct, the behavior has changed. This is actually the result of a bug fix, but I too think the old “broken” way was better. A fix to fix the fix is on the way. You can reference this ticket if you want the gory details.



    Great! Thanks, Ryan.



    Wow, you guys are working overtime! Thanks!

    But LOL now I can’t use the dropdown menu to mark this topic “resolved”. Help (again)!



    (I liked that it took me back to the post.) In any event, I’m not consistently seeing the message “Post Updated – stay on this page or go back.” In fact, I generally see just “post updated.”



    Just FYI-I could not use the dropdown menu in FF; it refused to drop down.

    Finally had to use INTERNET EXPLORER 6 to mark this thread resolved. (And, shudder, the forums in IE6 are, how shall I say it gently… confused!) Don’t have access to view in IE7, but, regardless, the main problem of not being able to use the dropdown menu in FF still exists.

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