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Change in email address, a question

  1. After having yahoo email for 9 years, I am done with it, tired of the annoying problems I've encountered in the past 9 months - that don't seem to get solved ever.

    I am switching to gmail, and will shutdown my yahoo account completely in one week

    I want to make sure I change my email info with WordPress so that I get notifications of new posts, subscriptions etc etc in the new gmail account. Is there a SINGLE place to change it all?

    thanks, I want to make sure I do this correctly...

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Apologies are in order.... just noticed the same question posted a while ago.

    CHanged made in the single spot needed, Personal Settings.

    Sorry.... will be more attentive next time! ;-)

  3. Bringing this to the top again...

    even though I changed my email yesterday, and the change is there when I go to my settings, today i got an email notification of a pingback in my old email account AND the new one too

    is this expected? when I shutdown my yahoo account and the email bounces back, will affect my interactions with WordPress?

    is there a way to permanently remove that address from my files?

  4. Did you also make the change at Settings -> General in your blog's Dashboard?

  5. Hummmmm.... went there to double check, it says I have a "pending request" for email change..... ?????

    Maybe it will take a while?

  6. It might, but there's no harm in saving the change again. It should re-send the confirmation email.

  7. THanks, I finally got an email to confirm the change of address, and did so.

    I hope from now on it will be fixed.

    Thanks again...

  8. You're welcome!

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