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Change in functionality? Tags on posts - redirecting

  1. Hey,

    I understand there are changes being rolled out to the administrative site so I am being patient. However, I just encountered a change in functionality and would like to understand is this is an intentional change.

    When I select a tag associated with my post/entry I was previously directed to the wordpress page associated with that tag. For instance, I have a post tagged with the word 'photos' - clicking on the 'photos' tag associated with the post would direct me to Now it appears selecting a tag directs me to

    (Selecting any of the 'categories' associated with my posts continues to directs me to the same wordpress tag page as usual and not back to my blog)

    Is this change in functionality intentional?

    Thanks, Dish

  2. I noticed that as well. Plus I can't find the option to subscribe to that particular tag any more via rss.

  3. Okay, this bug is fixed now. I just deployed the change. Thanks for the report!

    P.S. dishee I love those rain boots.

  4. NOO!!!!!!!!
    I saw this briefly, and thought you finally fixed the GOD AWFUL GLOBAL TAGS IN POSTS!

    Please, please, PLEASE set it back! That isn't a bug, it's how it SHOULD be! :(

  5. Woohoo, they finally fixed this! The days of global tags* in posts are over!


    *I wish this was corrected for categories as well, but I'll take it.

  6. swein, obviously some people like them. We're not planning on changing that functionality this second.

  7. Thanks, Matt. Sorry I said WordPress preceded and followed by a bunch of expletives.

  8. At least consider making it a preference?

    This functionality is so counterintuitive, it really makes no sense to me. When I clics a tag on a post, I *expect* to see a filter of that tag AT THE SITE, not be taken away from it.

  9. Matt!

    Thanks for the quick fix. I know a few things about upgrades, bugs, and user complaints having implemented and rolled out ERP software for fortune 500 companies over the last 12 years. I also know "thanks" for all the hard work behind the scenes never comes often enough. So, a big thank you!

    You guys are doing a great job. Keep your head up this weekend.


    Love that you're a boot fan! ;)

  10. Oh my. That is priceless.

    And by 'priceless' I mean 'a price that corresponds directly to ad revenue from Google.'

  11. While I can't for the life of me understand why WordPress refuses to be more open about its philosophy behind global tags functionality, I don't subscribe to the "ad revenue" conspiracy theory. It's not like there are Google ads on global tag pages.

    One can only hope they eventually "get" why this issue is such a big deal for some of us, and do something about it.

  12. It's not like there are Google ads on global tag pages.

    Yes they do.

    Just because you cannot see them, or have not seen them, do not mean they aren't there.

  13. It's not a conspiracy theory; it happens to be one way they pay for this service. I don't expect something for nothing. I just wish we had the option to pay for the privilege of local tags only, and for no adsense on our own sites.

  14. that would be very reasonable sonofbruce, but the option of a paid upgrade for no ads has been "in the works" for a very long time (over a year if I'm not mistaken) and we've seen no word of it yet. plus, it would be nice to have the tags go back to the blog rather than a global page.

  15. You do have that option and have had for some time, but only for the VIP upgrade, which is of course very expensive.

  16. I stand corrected on the ad issue. I just wish WordPress would be upfront about the reasoning behind global tags, rather than using "obviously some people like them" as an excuse. Some people don't like them, Matt. Do we not matter?

    As for paying for the privilege of local tags, no thank you. Look, I understand the need to subsidize a free service. I already pay for a domain and custom css. These have additive value to my site, and I'm happy to pay and help keep the servers humming. I'm even cool with the current ad policy.

    But global tags are a counter-intuitive and user-hostile feature that shouldn't be there in the first place. Obfuscating a revenue stream behind them and calling it a "user feature" is just plain crass.

  17. swein said: "I just wish WordPress would be upfront about the reasoning behind global tags, rather than using 'obviously some people like them' as an excuse."

    That's exactly my issue with them. I totally understand the desire and need to make some money from the site, but the regular shoulder shrug from Automattic that they're just dutifully acquiescing to consumer demand is a bit dishonest and distasteful.

  18. Just a minute. Are you all saying that WordPress runs Google ads on the site? Because my understanding is that they do not want us bloggers running ads, and I've been unable to put any ads up. That seems a little hypocritical to me, if that is the case.

    Also, can one get an upgrade that will allow one to advertise on one's blog?

  19. Yes, WordPress runs Google Adsense on our blogs. You only see it if you're not signed in.

    As I said above, the only upgrade that will turn Adsense off or give you the right to advertise on your blog for profit is the VIP upgrade, which is extremely expensive.

  20. As I said then, this is hypocritical--they can advertise, but bloggers can't? Whatsup with that?

  21. They are paying for what you get for free, like hosting and bandwidth.

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