Change in site name not visible in site feed

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    Hi all,

    I searched in the KB and in the forum but couldn’t find a solution.
    I changed my blog name recently. This went smoothly on the page of the site.
    However my RSS feed is still providing the old name to feed readers and I can’t find any place where to update/refresh this information.

    Would someone here had some ideas to help me ?

    Thanks in advance

    The blog I need help with is



    Hi. The blog linked to your username is empty (but the feed’s title reflects the blog’s title). Please provide us with the URL of the blog you are referring to, starting with http://




    I see that your last post is dated Dec 1st, 2010, was this prior to the blog name change?

    RSS feeds are refreshed when you publish a new post, or at least update one.

    You should see your new title as soon as you post again.


    Yes prior.
    Explanation make sens, thx!
    I wanted to refresh the name because my blog is in a planet and I would have like the planet to update the name before I post.
    Can I assume the planet will update automatically when posting then ?




    Can I assume the planet will update automatically when posting then?

    I can’t guarantee the functionality of software that isn’t our own, but I’d like to say that it should work.

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