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What do I do if my theme isn't displaying correctly?

  1. I just upgraded to Firefox 4 from my blog's dashboard. The theme I use is MistyLook, and with the new Firefox, the background behind the widgets now extends across the blog posts as well. The background behind my blog posts is grey and half my widgets are under the blog posts instead of in the sidebar. Many of the widgets are now configured differently as well. Can anything be done to fix this and make it look like it did before?
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  2. Hi there,

    I'm not able to reproduce this display problem in Firefox 4. Can you confirm that you're still having this issue? If so, can you take a screenshot? Instructions are here and you can then upload it to your blog's media library from Media in your dashboard so that we can see it.

  3. Thanks for getting back to me yesterday. I'm sorry, I was not at the computer much until this morning. Yes, I am still having the problem. I took two screenshots and added them to the media library. One shows the grey boxes that are usually behind the widgets extending all the way across the blog plus what looks like bullet points in front of the widgets, which weren't there before. The second shot shows several of the widgets below my blog posts rather that in the side bar -- oddly, the title for "Categories" is in the sidebar but the drop-down menu for them is the break where the sidebar widgets went under the posts.

  4. Can you please clear your browser cache as explained here and then reload your homepage and confirm wether the issue is still present?

  5. Yes, the issue is still present after clearing cache and cookies and reloading.

  6. You're all fixed up now.

    You actually had a quite a few unclosed <li> and <ul> tags in your Text widgets, but they're all cleared up now.

    In the process, I think I might have put one back in the wrong spot, so please check that for me.

  7. So good to have it back to normal! Thank you! A couple of the widgets are switched in order, but that's no problem to rearrange.

    I'm sorry -- I thought had those all closed up -- odd that they didn't cause problems until the Firefox upgrade, but I'm just glad it is all fixed now.

    Thanks again!

  8. You're welcome!

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