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Change integrity to both to viewable and to find in search engines

  1. I want to change my blog to both viewable and to find in search engines. But where and howe?

    Hi. I registred a WordPress-blog yesterday, viewable but not to find when people search for it. This is a normal proceedur when get started. One hour later, when it looks alright, I want to change to viewable and to find in search engines. But where and howe? Can't find this function in admin panel. Earlier (2011) this was possible. Please help me.
    It seams complicated if I have to register another blog and I really wanted that adress.

    Best regards, [email redacted]

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hello there,
    You only have a few posts. It takes time and the frequent publication of fresh content that cannot be found elsewhere on the internet to get search engine attention. See here for verifying
    10 factors that expedite indexing >

  3. Thanks för your reply.
    Understandable, that is normal.
    My question is about the settings. When you register a new wp-blog you can choose between Viewable but not to find in search engines or Viewable AND to find by search engines (don't remember exact frase).

    We choose "Viewable but not to find in search engines", so that we could built the blog first. But we want now to change the integrity settings. Are unable to find where to modifie this setting.

    In old WordPress blogs you could change this integricy settings anytime.

    (sorry for my bad english)

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