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    Does anyone know if it is possible using CSS to reduce the maximum size of any images in the ‘Latest Post’ for the home page of the ‘Morning After Theme’. Its very strange because the text box for the latest page is restricted to the size of the column (about 700 pixels) but any images in the ‘Latest Post’ on the home page will go beyond the column size – you can see this on my home page now
    Ideally I would like to be able to reduce the size of images ONLY on the home page so they appear the same size as the text column – but they can still appear at full size when the post is shown on it’s own page (so to speak)
    can anyone help me with this bit of CSS or advise otherwise?
    many thanks

    The blog I need help with is



    This is an excerpt form an excellent guide to that theme >
    I don’t believe the images on your front page in the blogging space can be larger than what’s stated here >



    I’m sorry I just noticed this was in the CSS editing forum. I apologize for commenting above. Please just ignore that comment.

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