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    Ok, I know how to change my layout and everything.
    But I am just wondering how I add widgets to the bottom and top.
    When I first registered yesterday this thing popped up that was like a blank page with sample areas.
    And It showed me where I could add widgets on the sidebar and bottom of the page, and change the header.
    I didn’t change the bottom thinking I could get back there, but now I can only find the widget area which lets me change the sidebar widgets.
    Is there a way to get back to that page that I was at before?
    Thanks, Sam


    This screencast will get you started using widgets: .



    I know all of that stuff, and I am currently using it.
    But when I first logged in this weird screen popped up and I had the header, footer, body, and sidebar.
    And I could add widgets to all of them.
    Now I want to add a footer widget, but in the widget screen I can only add widgets to “Sidebar”.



    That theme has sidebar widgets only.

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