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    I am using the forever theme. I would like my header title, page links, links and comment box icon to be the same color. How do I do this?

    The blog I need help with is



    To change your comment box icon add this code to your CSS stylesheet:
    .comments-link a:before {border-color: #000080;}
    .comments-link a {background: #000080;}
    You can change the hex code after the hash to something that suits you more. One selector acts on the down triangle and one acts on the rectangle.

    I’m not sure if this is what you mean by header title, but I assume you mean “Look. Listen. Inspire. Create.” Use this code to change that:
    #site-description {color: #000080;}

    This is the CSS for your title links:
    .entry-title a {color: #000080;}

    To change all your links on your page, try something like
    #page a {color: #000080;}
    You may have to monkey around with this one if you don’t get quite the right effect – come back and ask more questions if needed.

    I think that about covers it! In all of these, change the hex code for #000080 to whatever hex you prefer.
    Good luck!


    o.m.g. the owl and elephant header graphic on your blog is so cute!

    I noticed you maybe changed your Facebook fan page address (or Facebook changed something maybe?) and your FB like box in the footer isn’t working. To fix it, go to Appearance → Widgets and change to in the widgets settings under “Footer Widget Area One.”

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