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Change link color on posts

  1. I put several links with my posts, pages, and text widgets, and the links work correctly; however, the color of all the links is different. Some are blue, others black, others magenta. This looks really crappy. I've tried changing the color both in the visual editor and html editor, but nothing seems to be changing it on my actual blog. How can I get all of the links to be the same font color???

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Lovely blog!

    I'm using a Firefox 3.5.7 browser and every I see is blue links and that changes to red when I hover over it. After clicking a link it return to the color blue. This is the norm for viewing Cutline. It's what 46.3% of all internet users are seeing ie. Firefox users.

    What browser and version of it are you viewing your blog with please?

  3. I have now viewed your blog using IE8 and I see the same colors. Blue links - hover color red - blue after being clicked. The text inside the Searchbox is green when viewed with both FF 3.5.7 and IE8.

  4. You can change font styles and colors on your posts and pages, a post and a page at a time.

    But the only way to change all link colors throughout the blog would be to pay for a CSS upgrade and undertake CSS editing yourself. This upgrade isn't recommended to those who do not have CSS editing experience, as there is no Staff support for it.

  5. In my Firefox and Safari (Mac) it's unvisited links blue, hover red, visited links black. If you don't like that, then maybe you could consider switching to a different theme.

  6. wow thank you, you guys! i guess they just appear that way on my view. i am using firefox, but maybe they are black because i've clicked on them, and it is saved that way. memory thing. anyways. thanks! glad to hear they are consistent at least. best, r.

  7. You're welcome and happy blogging. :)

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