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    How can I do this?

    The blog I need help with is


    The site linked to your username is wearing Koi. We need a link to the site you are talking about please.


    Could I swore I gave it!


    Having trouble finding links except for the site title and post titles, but this is the basic overall place links colors are set.

    a {
    color: #000000;
    a:hover {
    color: #36BCAB;

    This would be the “leave a comment” link at left of posts.

    .hentry .entry-meta .comments a {
    color: #36BCAB;

    This would be the links in the footer.

    #footer a {
    color: #36BCAB;

    Normally I would have combined some of those, but not know if you wanted to change all or some, I’ve listed them separately.


    Oops, I missed this one.

    .entry-title a {
    color: #666666;

    Great! Some progress! Are there more codes to change these features?

    1. How do I get my Menu items to change color when I hover over them?

    2. How do I change my Website Title color when I hover over it?

    3. How do I change the Category (Blog – is the only category I have so far) color when I hover over it?

    4. How do I change the Blog Title color when I hover over it?

    5. How do I use colored font INSTEAD of underline to define a link in the body of a post?



    #2 and 4 seem to be the same thing. Let me know if they aren’t and explain further.

    Site/blog title hover.

    #site-title a:hover {
    color: #36BCAB;

    Menu hover.

    #menu li:hover > a, #menu ul ul:hover > a {
    color: #444444;

    Cat links hover.

    .hentry .entry-meta .cat-links a:hover {
    color: #36BCAB;

    Body links: no underline separate color.

    .entry-content a {
    color: #CC0000;
    text-decoration: none;

    Thank you beautiful man … will let you know!


    You are welcome.


    Everything’s coming together! Yeh! Couple more things:

    1. How do I add BOLD to this code so my links are in color in bold:

    Body links: no underline separate color.

    .entry-content a {
    color: #CC0000;
    text-decoration: none;

    2. The titles of my “Latest” posts aren’t changing color when I hover over them. What to do so they do?

    3. Why doesn’t “HOME” on the menu on my Front Page change color – it DOES change color on my “LATEST” page?

    4. How do I change the color of my Subtitle background?

    5. How do I change the color of my Subtitle text?



    1. Just add the following to the .entry-content a

    font-weight: bold;

    2. A hover design was not set for the post titles, so you have to create one.

    .entry-title a:hover {
    color: #cc0000;

    3. Because you are on the home page. The black color with no hover indicates the current page you are on. Clicking the home tab in the menu would just refresh the page since that is the page that you are already on.

    When you are on the “latest” page, then home will show a hover color, but “latest” does not. In that case, “latest is the current page.

    4. The background for the site description is actually a gradient although it is extremely subtle. The first hex color is the top color, and the second is the bottom color and the hex code at the end of the string is the backup color in case the visitor’s browser does not support gradients.

    #site-description {
    background: -moz-linear-gradient(#F8F8F8, #EEEEEE) repeat scroll 0 0 #F1F1F1;
    color: #666666;

    Use this for no color.

    #site-description {
    background: none;

    Use this for a single color.

    #site-description {
    background: #CC0000;

    5. that is the color declaration in #site-description above. Which ever of the three samples you choose above, just use that color declaration and edit the hex code.


    You’re amazing. I haven’t tried the Sub-title codes yet but everything else works beautifully!

    Can you tell me:

    1. What code do I use to make text smaller in a post, eg. “Copyright Audrey” (although I know I need to add a copyright paragraph at the bottom of the site) – I’d still like to know what the code is.

    2. How do I make the “Leave a Comment” smaller font?

    3. Is there someway I add Widgets “Archives”, “Categories” to my Custom Menu?
    I mean, you being so amazing and all …. I don’t really like them being in the footer … If not the custom menu, can they be moved to the left sidebar? … (holding my breath on this one … :>)



    1. For regular text in a post, you will have to do it through the HTML tab in the post editor by declaring a smaller size for the text using inline CSS. If you open your latest post, switch to the HTML tab and scroll to the bottom you will see this:

    <p style="text-align:right;">Copyright Audrey</p>

    Change it to this and then adjust the % file size as desired (I used % in this case because it is easier)

    <p style="font-size: 80%; text-align:right;">Copyright Audrey</p>

    2. In the below in your CSS, add a font-size declaration and adjust as desired (22 is original size).

    .hentry .entry-meta .comments a {
    color: #3951A9;
    font-size: 22px;

    3. You can create an archives page using the archives shortcode and then add that page to your custom menu.

    Categories can also be added to the top navigation and you can do it as a dropdown. Each time you create a new category you will have to manually add it to the custom menu. It is not automatic. One suggestion is that if the number of categories climbs significantly, you may have to rethink having them all in the top navigation otherwise navigation might become cumbersome for your visitors.


    Oops, I forgot the link to the archives shortcode.


    Yippeee! I can’t thank you enough. You made slapping together this website soooo easy!

    Thank You! Namaste!!!


    You are very welcome, and namaste to you.


    Hi again!

    Need help changing the look of quoted text. See:
    [Link updated by staff.]

    1. How can I change the color of the colored vertical bar?

    2. How do I change the text size of the quoted text?

    3. How do I make the background color of the quoted text the same color as my overall website background?



    Hi! Could you make a new thread when you have questions that are separate from the original title of a thread? This thread title is “Change Link Font Color in Chunk Theme”, so a new thread with a subject like “Need help changing the look of quoted text” would help keep threads on topic–and that makes them easier to read and easier to search for later.


    Also :) here’s the CSS you can use to adjust the blockquote element in the Chunk theme. Adjust the colors to the ones you want:

    blockquote {
        border-left: 10px solid #123456;
        font-size: 15px;
        background: #fff;

    * #123456 is a really dark blue. #fff is white.


    Thanks so much! Will do!

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