Change menu black underline in "Clean home"

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    “Clean Home” Theme

    I couldn’t get the right fonts I wanted so decided to replace the header with a jpeg.

    Unfortunately the menu has moved above the header (I can live with that) but underenath the menu (or less proabbly above the header) there is a black line.

    how can I either remove the line or at least make it 98% opaque/white

    am using elsewhere: #wrapper { background: rgba(255, 255, 255, 0.98) }

    The blog I need help with is


    May I ask what the trouble was with the fonts? Did you try picking fonts from the Appearance → Custom Design → Fonts page and you couldn’t find something you liked?

    The line below the menu on is from the header area. You can remove it with this CSS:

    #header-image {
      border-top: none;


    i wanted a specific font ie century gothic (not a rare one) i did not want to have to create a typekit account and display their badge.

    thanks again for the fix!!



    actually sorry this does not work.

    i think therefore it is the line underneath the menu and NOT the top of the header.

    #header-image {border-top:none;}



    looks like i’m having a conversation with myself here

    your fix did work after all

    i’m going mad

    it’s friday



    haha :) seems it worked out in the end!

    Happy Friday. :)


    I forgot to mention before… a Typekit subscription for 50+ selected fonts comes with the custom design upgrade. Those are the fonts you see in your Appearance → Custom Design → Fonts page. You can use any of those without showing a Typekit badge if you have the custom design upgrade.

    With regard to Century Gothic, it’s a pretty common font, so you could probably just use it in a font stack if you’d like, for example:

    font-family: "Century Gothic", CenturyGothic, "AppleGothic", sans-serif;

    To learn more about font stacks, see

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