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    I have paid for css upgrade, and am trying to change the color of the Menu – when people roll their mouse over the words… I also want the words Bolded.
    Top menu of my site.

    Anything I try in {menu} isn’t working…

    Please help.

    The blog I need help with is


    The menu bar is made up of images that are all in one image file, . To change the colors on the menu, you would have to create an exact copy of the file, right down to the pixel in an image editing program and then you would have to have the CSS upgrade and CSS editing experience.


    These types of image files are called “sprites” and are used to speed page loading times and reduce bandwidth requirements.



    Hello and thank you so much for the reply..

    However, it is the words I would like to change – not the colors or image itself.

    The words for = About – Guestbook – Contact – Private Etc.

    Can I change the color of the words ? Or the link ? Can I also make the words bolded ?

    Can’t I do this in the CSS editor {menu} ?


    Yes you can with the CSS upgrade and some CSS experience. CSS isn’t rocket science, but it does require an understanding of the XHTML and how it relates to the CSS.



    Thanks for that. I am familiar with changing CSS….

    Can someone please point me to the right location of how to change the colors of the menu words and make them bolded ?



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