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    I’d like the main color in both the vertical menu text as well as the page name to be a color other than blue. I would also like to make the font size in the vertical menu to be a little larger. Anyone? Thanks

    The blog I need help with is


    I provided some answers over at but did not address font size. I thought you had selected a blue color for the menu, but you can supply whatever color you want.



    Yes, it was a blue color, with a brick hover color. Hover color works fine, it’s just the main color has remained black, despite the snippet of code you provided. I just added enlarging the font on later inspection of the site’s appearance.


    Sorry it didn’t work for you. Did you try the multiline code I last provided? It worked in my test environment. I will leave it to others to help you.



    Yes, multiline worked except for the child text — it’s hover is right, but in the normal state it has remained black.



    I did find css code that enlarged the menu font:
    #access a {
    padding:0 1.2125em;
    So with the exception of getting the child menu font to the new color in its normal state, all is working well.


    Add this:

    #page #branding #access ul ul a{color:#4977a6;}



    Voila! That fixed it!
    You’ve been a terrific source — not to mention lightning fast– in helping me get the website coded the way I needed.
    Hopefully my client will love it as well–waiting for her to get some free time to review with me.
    Have a good rest of the weekend!


    I’m glad it worked for you.

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