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    Hi everyone. I am pretty new to WordPress and I am having a bit of trouble with the main menu. How do I change the font of the word Home? I would simply like to write it in capital letters.
    I managed to change the other two page titles About me and Contacts but I am not sure whether it’s possible to do the same for Home without using the CSS options.
    Also, is it possible to get a bigger font for the posts preview on the home page? I am using the theme Forever.

    Thanks everybody!

    The blog I need help with is



    A few themes do provide for changing font color in the Blog Title and/or optional Tagline and/or links. In the majority of themes font changes to font families, colors and size in the blog title, tagline, menu, post titles, page titles, categories and tags, widget headings and text, comments, and links, etc. cannot be done without purchasing an annually renewable CSS upgrade and doing the required CSS editing.



    I clicked too soon. In the case of the Forever theme to change fonts you would have to purchase an annually renewable CSS upgrade and doing the required CSS editing.



    To display “Home” in capitals you need to replace the regular menu of the theme with a custom menu.
    Go to Appearance > Menus and
    a) click the plus sign to create a menu, give it a name, click Create Menu;
    b) click View All in the Pages module, select all the items, click Add to Menu;
    c) once they’ve been added to the menu, drag the the items to change their order (if necessary), click the arrow of the Home item to open it, edit the “Navigation Label” to turn it to capitals, then click Save Menu;
    d) select that menu from the pulldown in the Theme Locations module, click Save Menu.



    Sorry, last bit in d should read click Save.



    To change it to capital letter go to menu settings and click plus sign of the home menu tab and under navigation label change it to capital letters and save the menu.


    Hi guys,
    thank you very much for getting back to me. I tried to follow your advice but I think I made some mistakes as on my Home page now I can’t see neither my posts preview (which I could see before) nor my sidebar (still there in About me and in Contact).
    Just to give you an idea about what I can see on my dashboard. In Appearance>Menu, in the Main menu module I’ve got Home, About me and Contact. Always in Appearance>Menu, under the page module I have got Contact and About me. What I would like to get on the Home page is the preview of the most recent posts (up to 4 – this is one of the Forever Theme features), and my sidebar basically.
    Any help would be very much appreciated!
    Thanks a lot


    Guys – just in case my explanation was not clear – what I was trying to do was having the word Home in capital on the front page basically, where the most recent posts are published before being moved to the archive.

    Many thanks for your time and help!



    Delete the menu you have created and follow my instructions more carefully. When you click View All in the Pages module as per my b above, you should see the static pages you have created as well as a ready-to-use Home item; that’s the one you should add to the menu, not create one yourself.
    For more on menus see this post of mine:


    I missed the “View All” bit, sorry! I tried again and it worked.
    Thanks a lot for your help and patience:)
    Do you know whether it is possible to get the font a bit bigger in the posts preview on the home page?
    I managed to get it bigger in each single posts selecting the “Paragraph” option available in “Format” but this seems to affect only its size in the actual post and not in the preview.
    Also, do you know what is the number 182 in my sidebar? No clue…

    Thanks for your time. I do appreciate that.



    You’re welcome.

    1) To make the font of the excerpts bigger once for all you need the Custom Design upgrade. Without the upgrade, you can do it on a post by post basis by adding your own text in the Excerpt module* of the post editor and enclosing it in the right code:
    <div style="font-size:120%;">TEXT HERE</div>
    Change the percentage to adjust the size.

    * If you’re not seeing the Excerpt module while on the post editor screen, click Screen Options (top right) to activate it.

    2) The Format tool should always be set to Paragraph when you write normal text (otherwise the paragraph breaks you enter will have no effect).

    3) 182 stands for the title of the latest test post you published, because you forgot to enter an actual title.


    Thanks again. So many things to learn!:)

    Is it better to copy the text for the excerpt from a Word document or from a plain text one? Not sure it that really makes any difference.

    Also if at some point I decide to do the upgrade, will I lose all these changes done enclosing the codes on a post basis?



    a) Doesn’t make any difference. You should never copypaste from Word into the Visual editor, because it introduces bad code that messes things up; but the Excerpt box isn’t like the Visual editor, it’s exactly like the Text editor.

    b) No, you won’t lose the changes. But if you wanted to increase the excerpt font size via CSS editing you’d have to remove the above coding from the Excerpts, otherwise the two commands would act cumulatively.
    Word of caution: don’t consider the upgrade if you have no experience in CSS editing. If you’re thinking it would allow you to change things via simple clicks, that’s not the case: it’s coding again (more complicated than the bit I showed you). WP says that users who’ve bought the upgrade are entitled to staff support, but staff often take ages to reply.

    PS I forgot to point out that the custom excerpts I suggested will also show up on Category and other Archive pages. I don’t know if that’s ok with you.


    Hi! Thank you very much for your kind support and tips, I do appreciate that!

    Your advice about the CSS upgrade was really useful. It did confimed what I thought.

    When I usually copy and paste into the Visual box I select the option “Paste from Word” but I got a bit confused with the excerpt because I couldn’t see any option like that. Is the text box that one with all the codes, isn’t it?

    I am going to create some categories and add my trial post to one of them to see what you mean when you say that the custom excerpts will show up on Category and other Archive pages. This is another new thing to learn I guess!

    Once again thank a lot and have a nice day!


    Hi Justpi,

    I followed your advice and I tried to use the custom excerpts that you suggested but I couldn’t find them on the Category and other Archive pages as you mentioned.

    Where exactly should I look at? I am trying to understand if that would be a problem before launching my blog:)

    Thanks a lot for your time and help!

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